Sep 23, 2009

My USMC Pictures in Iraq, Post Invasion, Part 4

Some more photos I took after the initial topple of Saddam.
The military installation is quite large, that photo is over a mile away. The Iraqi's fleeing like cowards abandoned it when their forward observer post reported the U.S. Marines were advancing.

Some of the damaged Marine Corps vehicles I retrieved being loaded for shipment back to the USA.

Look how isolated everything is. The people have all left fearing the war is not over.

An Iraqi Oil Well on fire. That fire is miles away and you can smell the burning oil, it fills your lungs as the wind shifts.

One of the Iraqi Oil Storage Tanks in the desert, it's near a pipeline.


bluepitbull said...

I was in the middle of Baghdad and Al Qaim and various other places.

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The Sarge said...

I was in Iraq # 1 under the first Bush and it's amazing how everything in the desert looks the same at a distance until you get on top of it.

Jefferson Mulrooney said...

very interesting great pics better than cnn

thanks for your service to our country