Aug 17, 2009

My USMC Pictures in Iraq, Post Invasion, Part 1

These pictures are right after the topple of Saddam's Government.
I was part of the first group that invaded Iraq and part of the very first group to remain behind. All of my unit went home but three of us.
My job was to retrieve wrecked, broken, and destroyed U.S. and Allied vehicles, those that could be repaired were, the rest went to a scrap heap in Kuwait.
This job was harder than combat.
They would send two of us out to fix or toe back Marine units that were broken or destroyed. We often found parts of fellow Marines still inside, lots of blood everywhere, it still haunts me today.
Also we marked for destruction any vehicles and armor left by the retreating Iraqi forces.
I lost a lot of weight while in Iraq, some caused by my injuries, some by stress, some by the heat.
But the Marines, First In, Last Out, got the bloody job done.
Semper Fi